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Customer Feedback

Jason Kaldera

Very exceptional, I have no words, I think I'm lucky.

Wilma Ramona

I had an order with a little delay, but everything was fine in the end. Where offer my most within 2-3 months, this period was 5-7 days, but in 10 days I received the package, which was very convenient. Thank you very much Erulmag!

Peter Ghorish

Thanks for promptly! You became my primary supplier, particularly as we reached the 6th order. I hope to create some facilitiati for people like me in the future.

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Payment Terms

Every transaction has a certain time of confirmation.

Any confirmation is valid only if confirmed bank account.

On this site we have three payment methods, namely:


  • Bank transfer - the best and most recommended method.


Time confirmation for this method is 2 to 5 days. In most cases does not exceed more than 2 days, the difference being that confirms the bank account.


  • PayPal - Fast & Secure


This is fast and reliable, but in relative value of the order confirmation may take more or less or equal to 2 days.

For this method, although instant payment is not considered confirmed because the consideration is not in your bank account.

As we are allowed, maximum withdrawal is 500 Euro and lasts two days the worker, plus another day processing from the bank.

In case the amount will be 1000 Euro, in which case the withdrawal will be in sequences of 500 Euro / day this will take 3 days, plus one-day bank processes.

And for larger amounts will be calculated further sums divisible by 500 Euro.


  • Credit Card - Most Popular


This is provided by the company which have a contract, they will be processing day, but transfer to our account will be after 4 days, except on week-en when the bank is not processing.

For example, if you made a payment card Monday, the payment is confirmed to us Friday.

If you did pay by card on Wednesday, the payment will be confirmed with us Monday (next week). 

Cards accepted for payment are Visa, Maestro and MasterCard

Other methods of payment, which could be: WesternUnion and MoneyGram for payment can be confirmed on the same day, but these methods have not yet implemented on site.